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University of Michigan


Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Computer Science

Currently on track to graduate in May 2018



Relevant Courses

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (EECS 281)
  • Intro to Computer Security (EECS 388)
  • *Web Databases & Info. Systems (EECS 485)
  • User Interface Development (EECS 493)
  • Programming in Java (EECS 285)
  • Discrete Math (EECS 203)
  • *Computer Organization (EECS 370)
  • * Currently taking

Washtenaw Community College



Attended 3 semesters before transferring to the University of Michigan College of Engineering


University of Michigan


Kellogg Eye Center: Web Developer

Developing a web application that intends to standardize how physicians grade retinal images, which will aide in quantifiable diagnoses of diabetes and other retinal diseases

I began working on this project in September 2016, under the direction of Dr. Andrew DeOrio, and the Kellogg Eye Center. I am working on the full stack for this application.

Technologies: JavaScript, Python Flask, OpenCV, SQLite3

University of Michigan


NASA CYGNSS Mission: Visualization Developer

Developed an application that gave the public an interface to see the CYGNSS satellites from different views, and control the time periods they view

  • Wrote the interactive menu, in Java, for selecting different scenarios and views for the application
  • Integrated STK software, through their API, to handle scenario generation and management

  • Developed a graphical countdown application, written in Java, incorporating storm-imaging and custom graphic design elements
  • Researched and tested different software for space mission design/visualizations
  • Edited videos for the public displays in the Space Research Building

Washtenaw Community College


Distance Learning: Video Production Technician

Maintained existing media, and created new media for courses, including a motion graphics bumper for all courses

• Edited lecture videos for online classes

• Developed and designed pamphlets to introduce faculty to online classes

Extended Work History

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Job archives

Lot Associate/Cashier at The Home Depot

Helped customers inside and outside the store with purchases

Electronics Associate/Cashier at Kmart

Worked as a cashier, floor associate, and electronics associate

Crew Member at Morse Moving and Storage

Worked on teams moving/storing residential and commercial property

Laundry Attendant at Days Inn

Operated and maintained the laundry room


Computer Skills

Languages and Systems

C++, Java, Python

Web Development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Software and Tools

Graphics and 3D Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Video Production Software: Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Camtasia Studio

Artistic Skills


Motion graphics / graphic design

Cinematography and photography, video editing, video compositing