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Just a quick tour / overview:

To learn a bit more about me, check out the Backstory section on this page.

On my portfolio page, there is a mix of artistic and computer science related projects. Before college, I spent a lot of my time teaching myself about motion graphics, so a lot of my portfolio is compromised of motion graphics pieces from that time period. I only have a few projects on there now, but I plan to fill it up soon.

There is also a page for my resume if you're interested in more info about me.


Currently I am in my third year as undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, studying Computer Science. I don't have a specific area in computer science I like best (yet), but I think that is because all the areas interest me. As long as I'm learning / making something, I'm happy.

Besides computer science, I am interested in the movie industry. Specifically, I would like being a director, visual effects artist, or doing some type of software engineering that helps make movies. Any chance I can get, I like to watch movies, behind-the-scenes, or interviews with directors.

Site Info

For visitors who have a harder time reading on the default dark theme, I have designed a light theme as well. To switch to the light theme, find the red bar at the bottom of the page and click on the white circle. Also, if you want to look at some different images I have taken, click on my logo at the top of the page.

I have a few features and ideas I am still working on for this site, but I will need to ditch this PHP version of the site. So I am planning to do the overhaul after my school year ends.